Cedar Fences bears a natural color, which does not require any outer make up work, low maintenance value with smooth and cedar fence beautiful aroma, which gives you a feel of cedar tree at your door steps in rainy season. Cedar fencing materials is naturally decay resistant, dimensionally strong, and a low maintenance wood that you will enjoy for years to come. Cedar have capability to bear same temperament in all changing weather conditions, whether it is scorch heat of sun of extreme cold. In spite of all prevailing climatic changes, and deteriorative reasons, we have found that a properly hand built Cedar wood will last 25 – 30 years in with or without stain. In the building, your wood fence by hand allows us to create, whatever Fence Design you wish for, and best fitting to difficult terrain traversed easily. The fence has a marvelous ecofriendly work creation scope with inheritance capacity of stain free, beautiful looks, and anti aging, moth free factors and effect less adoptability of heat, humid cold, and oxidation naturally. Cedar increases the home value, and enhance your outdoor living experience.

Cedar is highly durable and lasts longer than most other types of wood. Cedar contains natural oils that help make the wood resistant to decay and increasing its durability without the use of chemical treatments. Cedar fencing is durable and long lasting. One of the best qualities, cedar offers is that it is pitch and resin-free. What that means to a homeowner is that if you want to either embellish or protect the wood to enhance or prolong its use, cedar is among the best when it comes to accepting and maintaining a wide range of beautiful finishes from dark stains to lightly-colored, particularly. Whether it’s to keep your pets and loved ones safe inside your yard or to increase privacy so you can enjoy your time outdoors without being bothered by your neighbors or the general public, you can use cedar to create several styles of cedar fences. Cedar is the Best When it comes to Being Green.

If you want a cedar wood fence, you want a real wood fence! For me, there is nothing more pleasing than the natural scent of cedar. There’s something about the smell of natural cedar that just makes people think of home, of our country and memories of childhood. Cedar is the most traditional fences and affordable. We believe our line-up of cedar fence is pretty awesome.

We ensure custom jigs while designing and always keep in mind the consistency of sizes and space to maintain similarity in designing of matching gates, arbors, guardrail and handrail derived from a unique work out put. In our Cedar fencing architectural structure phase, before erecting the structure, we ensure our exclusiveness of designs its safety and security at a paramount stage. Our and Cedar Fencing is fully guaranteed. Apart from the comparable raw stiffness strength of wood, ornamental beauty and dreaded maintenance of fencing work, our entire concentration will be on alluring fitments, which fulfill customers wishes and necessities. We integrate the design elements keeping in view of prevailing security existence. We stress on customers necessity more than our comfort.


Cedar Fences Quality

  1. Naturally resistant to decay and trauma
  2. Dimensionally strong and well constructed
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Proud and beautiful


Cedar Fence Designs