Cedar Fences bears a natural colour, which does not require any outer make up work, low maintenance value with smooth and beautiful aroma, which gives you a feel of cedar tree at your door steps in rainy season. Unlike pressure treated cedar fencing materials is naturally decay resistant, dimensionally stable, and a low maintenance material that you will enjoy for years to come. Cedar fence have capability to bear same temperament in all changing weather conditions, whether it is scorch heat of sun of extreme cold. Inspite of all prevailing climatic changes, and deteriorative reasons, we have found that a properly hand built Cedar fence will last 25 – 30 years in with or without stain. In the building, your fence by hand allows us to create, whatever Fence Design you wish for, and best fitting to difficult terrain traversed easily. The cedar fencing has a marvellous ecofriendly work creation scope with inheritance capacity of stain free, beautiful looks, and anti aging, moth free factors and effect less adoptability of heat, humid cold, and oxidation naturally. Cedar fences increases the home value, and enhance your outdoor living experience.

We ensure custom jigs while designing and always keep in mind the consistency of sizes and space to maintain similarity in designing of matching gates, arbors, guardrail and handrail derived from a unique work out put. In our Cedar fencing architectural structure phase, before erecting the structure, we ensure our exclusiveness of designs its safety and security at a paramount stage. Our and Cedar Fencing is fully guaranteed. Apart from the comparable raw stiffness strength of wood, ornamental beauty and dreaded maintenance of fencing work, our entire concentration will be on alluring fitments, which fulfils customers wishes and necessities. We integrate the design elements keeping in view of prevailing security existence. We stress on customers necessity more than our comfort.

What to expect

It’s a beautiful summer day. You close your eyes and look to the sun to feel its warmth cover your face like a hot towel. Just as it become almost too warm a cool breeze strolls through creating the most pleasant contrast. You take a deep breath of fresh air through your nose and enjoy the pleasing aromas of sweet cedar and fresh cut grass. You fade back into the experience as you start to notice the laughs of your children as you hear a stick smack against the fence. You open your eyes as your dog completes its valiant gallop toward the fence recklessly slamming into the boards; Which have chose to stand sturdy denying your pooches best effort. You begin to take a worriless sip of tart lemonade without thinking twice of what is going on; as it has already happened a thousand times before. You rest assured your wood fencing is strong in its position. It is unblemished and it is naturally pleasing your eye’s as it accompanies your view of your children playing with your dog. The deep cherry color of the grain looks beautiful as it towers over the green grass. You see nothing going on in the world around you; as it is almost as if you have your own little world within the confines of your cedar fence. It is private. It is safe. It is strong and reliable as it always has been, and will be for years to come. You enjoy this experience so deeply that the thought of your quality and painless installation with Northwest Cedar years before doesn’t even cross your mind, as there has been virtually no maintenance. We promise that you will only remember us when you are confronted by neighbors or are settling into a new home after a move.


Cedar Fence Quality

  1. Naturally resistant to decay and trauma
  2. Dimensionally strong and well constructed
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Proud and beautiful